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1. Scrabble Workshops for Students (Dec 2002)

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In the student workshop, the participants were :

introduced the ideas and the background of the Scrabble game,

taught on how to play Scrabble - the general rules,

taught on how to use the Score Sheets, Challenge Sheets, and Chess Clock,

introduced the tournament rules - the basic knowledge,

briefed on the support or services available from Mattel and BroadLearning, e.g. helping to set up the Scrabble Club, providing with the SLP, etc.


2. Scrabble Workshops for Teachers (Dec 2002)

The teacher workshops were conducted by Scrabble Trainers from overseas. This workshop was to train school teachers to organize Scrabble tournaments and to provide teachers with supporting and services information.


3. Scrabble Seminar (Feb 2003)


Briefing on how to play Scrabble and use of Score sheet, Challenge slip and Chess clock

Game Formats

Tournament Rules

Contents of the Championship

Registration methods and procedure


4. Inter-School Scrabble Championship
      (Cancelled due to SARS)